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Cabildo de La Palma

Cabildo Insular de La Palma is the governing body of the island (La Palma). It is the governing and administrative form and fulfils two main functions: on the one hand, it provides services and carries out competences specific to the Autonomous Community; on the other hand, it is the local entity that governs the island

Asociación Innovalia

Innovalia Association is a private Research Laboratory, which was created by the Innovalia group to articulate a critical mass capable of undertaking its ambitions and objectives research strategies in a long term with success.

Fundación General Universidad de La Laguna

FGULL is committed to being the bridge between the University of La Laguna and Canarian society. The University and its members generate talent and their mission is to promote it and bring it closer to our environment.

Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute

M-ITI is an Innovation Institute defined by the Statutes of the University of Madeira and established as an independent non-profit making partner R&D organization whose founding members are the University of Madeira, Madeira Tecnopolo S. A. and the Carnegie Mellon University.

Fundación Regional para la Ciencia y Tecnología

The FRCT is an organisation supervised by the Regional Secretary of the Sea, Science and Technology of Azores, with administrative and financial independence, whose competencies include the coordination of actions and management of financial resources in the field of scientific research and technological development.

Cámara de Comercio de Punta Delgada

CCIPD is a multi-sector business association representing companies operating in the areas of commerce, industry, tourism and services in the islands of San Miguel and Santa María (Azores).

Society of Economic Promotion of Gran Canaria

The Society of Economic Promotion of Gran Canaria (SPEGC) is a commercial entity fully owned by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. The SPEGC’s mission is to promote economic and business activities that contribute to the development and expansion of the island.


The ACIF-CCIM is a private entity in Madeira Autonomous Region, which represents and supports companies in Commerce, Services, Industry and Tourism sectors. The growth and greater number of companies added, legitimizes the ACIF-CCIM to intervene in relevant matters in the day to day of the companies.


Created in January 2012, the Nonagon Association mission is to support technological revitalization, the training of qualified human resources in the field of information systems and communications, as well as the monitoring and observation of the Earth, space and sea.

Operational Core for the Information Society

Electronic and integrated governance has been the main pillar of the information society in Cape Verde. Erected as the main tool for administrative modernization, it took advantage of the emergence of a new concept of public provision and a new generation of public services, aimed at promoting entrepreneurship. and citizenship, to position the interests of citizens at the institutional level.

University of Cape Verde

The University of Cape Verde (Uni-CV) is a higher education institution in Cape Verde. It is the only public institution with university character in the country, being therefore the reference of Cape Verdean higher education.